Vamp! Pink

All women are unique and authentic, but they are united with all other women by an unequivocal defining element: femininity. 

The crisp scents of Orange Blossom and Tiaré create a fresh and delicate top note, giving way to Rose Absolute, the symbol of femininity par excellence, made seductive, lively and mischievous by Benzoin and a Poudré note. Warm Sandalwood and Vanilla pods reveal the image of nude skin. The bottle is inspired by the shape of Pupa’s iconic Vamp! mascara but comes in pink, to represent a radiant and romantic woman who loves to daydream.


Interpreted by each woman according to their character, spirit and style. Three perfumes to express different spirits: irreverent and sensual, bold and rock ‘n’ roll, radiant and romantic.

Vamp! Pupa
Vamp! Pink - Pupa
Year on the market 2021
Brand Pupa
PerfumersLuca Maffei
Fragrance House Atelier Fragranze Milano