Atelier Fragranze Milano was founded as a Fragrance House in 2011, created from the hunch of Marco Maffei, reference figure of the European Essence Industry and the rising star of Italian Perfumery, Luca Maffei. 

The father/son combination is born with a clear vision: creating a company strongly rooted to the tradition of Made in Italy, with a particular attention to the Milan influence, able to mix creativity, style, love for beauty and care of details. 

Starting from 2020 the new head quarter in via Lucilio Gaio allows AFM to become a producer company and to follow the projects from the fragrance creation to the production. 

Today at AFM we strongly believe that to create the most ethereal accessory in fashion, we need to start from the human being.

We aim at creating a Story through Emotions.

The Manifesto Of

Human Centric Perfumery


Italian Heritage

Atelier Fragranze Milano was born in an inspiring environment that upholds artisanal values of unparalleled craftsmanship, the use of superior materials, and a meticulous attention to details. We are proud to exemplify this Italian standard of excellence in the perfume industry.


Design Driven Data

We believe the perfume industry is too hyper-focused on statistics. For us, the future means going back to a simpler and bolder vision of the creative process. To create an evocative perfume — the most ethereal of fashion accessories — you have to tell a story that speaks to human desire and emotion. 


Creativity Unchained

Perfume as art — not science. Creative dialogue — not  analytics, between the brand designer and our perfumers — only those who work to enable and empower creativity.


Visionary Boldness

We know Bigger is not always better. We prioritize supporting the creative flow between designer and perfumer. The result? Perfumes that are daring, authentic, and truly express brand identity.