Laboratorio Olfattivo
“Sacreste comes out from the study of another perfume that I have been trying to realize for eight years.”
Roberto Drago
Sacreste - Laboratorio Olfattivo

A complex and rich formula, created to give voice to two precious incense notes which immediately tie with Cistus, Elemi and other spicy ingredients which appear on the top notes and on a woody musky base. A sensual and profound incense: a perfume with character


“Two years ago I received a trial fragrance by Luca Maffei which was characterized by an incense note I really like. We have been working on that note, finishing it and making it sensual until we arrived at the final project, that I completely love.” Roberto Drago

Sacreste - Laboratorio Olfattivo
Sacreste - Laboratorio Olfattivo
Year on the market 2018
Brand Laboratorio Olfattivo
PerfumersLuca Maffei
Fragrance House Atelier Fragranze Milano