Cedro di Diamante

Perris Montecarlo

Perris citrus interpretation is a Sicilian poem that is told through the combination of hot spices and cold spices, such as pepper and cardamom respectively, on a shining and long-lasting base of musky and slightly powdery raw materials.

Citron Diamante is the best-known variety of citron in the world and takes its name from the town of Diamante, located in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, on the southwestern coast of Italy, which is its best-known point of cultivation.

It is a fresh and sweet citrus fruit, celebrated by poets such as Byron and D’Annunzio, often used in the world of pastry precisely because it is not acidic like other citrus fruits. The sweet facets of Perris Monte Carlo’s Citron Diamond are enhanced in the fragrance with a touch of modernity brought by a spicy accord in the heart and a soft and musky base.

In the Italian language the term “cedar” can sometimes generate confusion, since the expression is sometimes used as an abbreviation of “cedar wood” therefore meaning the tall conifers of the genus Cedrus, while the same word designates the citrus fruit of the genus Citrus, usually Citrus medica, and this is precisely the protagonist of the splendid olfactory “story” presented by the brand.

Year on the market 2022
Brand Perris Montecarlo
PerfumersLuca Maffei
Fragrance House Atelier Fragranze Milano