Essence of The Park


“Essence of The Park” is a dedication from Carthusia to all the green parks of the world, true bubbles of oxygen in the vibrant hearts of our cities.

Essence of The Park - Carthusia

A unisex “green” fragrance, in which the restless Mediterranean breeze of the top notes blends in the heart of magnolia yielding to the vibrations of the citrus fruits which absorbs them, sublimates them, releasing fresh waves which gently land in the final woody and amber notes.


A fragrance that describes a sunny day at the park. Carthusia Essence of the Park is a masterful interpretation of a green and fresh summer fragrance, it tells of a clear day when everything is calm without the stress and noise of the city but, the idyllic sound of the leaves and the scent of the flowers of a park.

Essence of The Park - Carthusia
Year on the market 2015
Brand Carthusia
PerfumersLuca Maffei
Fragrance House Atelier Fragranze Milano