Acqua di Pino

Pino Silvestre

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Acqua di Pino - Pino Silvestre

This Eau de Cologne concentrée opens up with sparkling notes of bergamot, orange and lemon, paired with the aromatic nuances of rosemary. 
In the heart, ginger and sage are hugged by a veil of smooth and soft iris. 
On the bottom, an elegant cedar wood accord is rounded by the musk note.

Acqua di Pino concept takes inspiration from Pino Silvestre main features, nature, freshness, virility.
Acqua di Pino elegant image comes from the vintage shape of the flared bottle and the precious wooden-looking pinecone cap.
The light yellow of the fragrance and the packaging expresses immediately the “Acqua di Pino” concept.

Acqua di Pino - Pino Silvestre
Acqua di Pino - Pino Silvestre
Year on the market 2021
Brand Mavive
PerfumersLuca Maffei
Fragrance House Atelier Fragranze Milano